I Killed My Magician


If you think that controlling one’s mind is difficult... do read this book to change your perspective…
'I killed My Magician' unveils simple techniques to attain complete control over one’s mind.
We all are victims of uncontrolled mind. Our mind generates innumerable elements, such as; irrational thoughts, unrealistic dreams, unlimited desires, wretched memories, negative perceptions, obscure assumptions and presumptions, and malicious manipulations. Many a time, such elements are responsible for one’s state of anxiety and depression, which has a devastating effect on our life.
No doubt, it is the most arduous task to assert control over these unceasing turmoil elements emerging in our mind.
Like everyone the author too experienced the captivity and dominance of the mind and finally decided to set himself free. To attain this goal, he experimented with ways, inspired from objects in the surroundings and day-to-day life situations. The culmination of his experiments resulted in the development of simple techniques to gain control over the mind which he has described in the book, 'I killed my Magician'.
This short read will serve as a guide to live a simple, peaceful and harmonious life.


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Write what's in your mind before you sleep


The biggest mistake we make in our lives is that many of us carry bundle of thoughts while going to bed…And hence end up having a sleepless and restless night. It not only spoils our next day but slowly and gradually takes a toll on our health. Later, we take to medications or other means to get sound sleep but at a heavy cost of its side effects. For deep sleep, all you have to do is to get rid of the thoughts that are lingering in your mind… these thoughts may be based on the events of the day or from past events. To ensure that the thoughts at bedtime do not spoil our sleep we need to transfer the thoughts in our mind onto something. The best practice is to write what’s in your mind before you sleep… Here is a daily journal designed for you to simply pen down your thoughts… It just takes few minutes to set yourself free from the burden of thoughts. With a thoughtless mind, you will experience deep and peaceful sleep.

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