Oneness eliminates inner conflict and ends external war.

The day we are born on this planet we are at peace. We are actually in a real state of oneness. Why? The reason is simple, we as infants possess no thoughts, so there's no question of conflict. And as we grow, our mind is nurtured by the circumstances and environment that develops the habit of thinking ( the way we think)… And most of our thinking is comprises of imbecile thoughts that create unrest and turmoil in our mind. Thus arises conflict within us; conflict between one’s mind, body and soul (self). This leads to disharmony and turmoil within us and results in ruining our life and also others.

We indulge in conflicts all our life. Conflict with ourself...conflict with our family members...conflict with neighbors...conflict with colleagues at work… even conflict with strangers on streets… conflict with animals...and not just conflict with living but also non-loving. So the truth is that the conflicting elements are not outside us but are within us…

Throughout our lifetime, we experience unceasing conflict in one form or another. We learn that history is built on conflict… And we tend to believe this notion to be true and we also create our present with some sort of conflict. And ultimately we end up our precious life, either struggling with conflict or resolving the conflict. What a sheer waste of life.

Living in conflict is the lowest form of living and to live in harmony and peace is the highest form of living. Nobody wants to die in conflict or war but everyone wants to die in peace.

Then why this conflict within and outside? From insignificant form to grave, from quarrel, hostile confrontation to war…

The conflict emitted from within us spreads in the surrounding and later escalates and takes a massive form… even turning into a gigantic form of war.

We, each one of us, are equally responsible for every war that takes place anywhere in the world… Because there exists a ‘live' conflict within us at every fraction of moment. Unless and until we fail to control the war within us we will never ever be able to control the devastating wars occurring on the planet.

Let’s accept the responsibility of all wars… because we are the creators of all wars. And the only solution to stop the relentless conflicts within and around us is to stop the conflicts arising from within us.… And the only way to achieve this, is through an intense process of meditation or self-healing one's conflicting thoughts .

Meditate in such a way that there is no distinction between me and others… everything within and around me is one. There are no two thoughts, only one. There is no ‘me’ and ‘him’ but ‘we’… as one entity. There is no separation of me as human, the immortal nature and the eternal universe. When the sense that ‘All is one' prevails within…And ‘I’ and ‘All’ is one entity… There is no question of conflict with anyone. When an individual succeeds in attaining this solution and also each one of us…we all will be able to attain ultimate peace. Thus conflict will cease and peace will prevail till eternity.



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